A Challenge is a Challenge - Are You In for this Lettering Challenge?

To be real, I've been feeling a bit stuck and uninspired lately... and in general have a hard time breaking out of my comfort zone. Sometimes, I find myself doing the same thing over and over and it can be hard to try new things because, well, it's scary. It's vulnerable because I know I probably won't be good at said new thing (at least not right away), but you know, it’s important to be challenged in order to grow, and with time and practice, comes improvement!
I had this idea a few weeks ago to challenge myself to try a new calligraphy or lettering tool for each letter of the alphabet. Seemed like a reasonable goal! Buuut I sat on that idea a while (like most ideas) and never started my little personal challenge. I realized I would need some accountability if I wanted to see it through... Starting a challenge is… well, a challenge.

SO I’m inviting you to join me and my friends @lettersbyshells and @janegahng for a fun challenge we're hosting on Instagram, to grow our personal lettering and calligraphy skills through eXploring new tools! Using different tools for writing can be a great way to grow your understanding of calligraphy, the dynamics of letters and art, and you might discover a few things about yourself in the process!
Who wants to be my accountability buddy?! ?      
Here's how to participate: Each week, pick two writing tools to try out and explore, post them in a photo or video, using each tool for a different letter of the alphabet. Use the hashtag #26letterXchallenge (X stands for explore)!

Week 1 (April 15): example: one post with the letter “A” using a [pencil] and one post with the letter “B” using a [piece of clay]
Week 2 (April 22): C and D
Week 3 (April 29): E and F
and so on...

When you post, use the hashtag #26letterXchallenge so we can see what you're up to and share! Follow the hashtag to engage with new friends, and maybe you’ll get some fun ideas with new tools you’ve never tried!
If you miss a week or can't join every week - that's cool, you’re welcome to participate as much as you’re able! I'd love it if you joined me, since this stuff is just more fun with friends. My goal with this is to stretch myself out of my comfort zone to eXplore new tools I've either never used or have little experience with, and to use social media as a place for us to interact together and have fun with it!
This challenge starts next week on Instagram! I’ll be posting my letter eXplorations on Tuesdays and Thursdays starting April 16 (you can pick whatever days work for you each week).
If you need some ideas for tools to try, here's a running list we've thought of to start – and I’d love to hear your ideas too (get as creative as you want!):


A few ideas:

folded pen
fountain pen
things found in nature
finger paint
glitter and glue
scraper tools on scratchboard
exacto knife
paint pen
crayola marker
alcohol inks
clay / play doh

Hope you can join me! The best part - it doesn't have to be perfect - it won't be, because we're trying things that are NEW to us, to eXplore and have some fun!
See you on the gram...


Angi Phillips