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Angelique, Ink is a creative studio of calligraphy and design in Southern California, providing hand lettered design work for brands and products, and custom stationery and calligraphy services for weddings and events worldwide.


I love to collaborate and create. Want to work together? Tell me your ideas, big or small. INQUIRE. 


Personalized rubber stamps, hand-lettered goods,
and calligraphy supplies.

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Hi. i'm Angelique.

But you can call me Angi...

I'm a calligraphist, graphic designer and teacher, specializing in modern handwritten calligraphy and hand-lettered design for social occasions like weddings, and for business applications like logos, products or publications, large-scale script murals, and sometimes even personal stuff like tattoos.

I love calligraphy, the slowness, the intentionality, and the imperfection of handwritten script made with a dip pen and ink, and bringing it into the design world.

Through calligraphy, I find a poetic song and dance when pen and ink meets paper that tells a beautiful human story with words, when mere words fall short. Even though much of my work is digitized, it always starts on paper and carries the essence of a human touch no matter where it ends up! If you have a project or event you'd like to work on together, I'd love to chat about it.


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What my clients have to say

Angelique is one of THE most talented calligraphers I have ever met; her artistry, skill, and creativity are second to none. Many calligraphers are great at one style, but one of my favorite things about Angelique is the variety she offers. I’ve hired her for both business AND personal projects and look forward to working with her more. Seriously - I can’t say enough about her talent and professionalism...she’s the real deal.
— Nikki, Akula Kreative
I’ve been working on projects with Angi for over five years, and am nothing short of obsessed. She is not only incredibly talented, but she’s sweet-as-can-be, timely, professional and goes above and beyond to make sure you’re 100% happy with everything. I feel lucky to get to call on her for so many projects, knowing she’ll come though with EXACTLY what I’m looking for every time
— Megan, Ruby the Fox