On-Site Calligraphy - Women's Empowerment Event with Snapchat

I’m always excited when brands reach out to me looking for a calligrapher for a corporate event to personalize items on-site for guests. This one was a little different, being an in-house event with Snapchat’s own staff, honoring women, which—you know I’m DOWN for. A women’s empowerment event with me on site taking requests for each attendee’s empowering word or phrase to be framed as a keepsake? Heck yeah! I love working with companies who get it, and want to create meaningful experiences and solid work environments for their female team members.

Pretty cool event - and it was gorgeous to the max held in the beautiful halls of The Victorian in Santa Monica with insanely beautiful decor, tasteful bites and libations, a station for screen printed GIRL POWER tote bags, and more awesome sauce. It was awesome to be part of such a cool event recognizing women (oh, and men were also welcome at the party, and they got to request empowering words and keepsakes too).


Female Power

Guests were invited to name their word or phrase to be lettered live and framed at the event

We used bold colors and even some reflective mirror paper for the keepsakes, which was a hit - though it took a while to dry, so we had to get creative with setting them aside and displaying them for guests to pick up as they were leaving, which worked out great so they didn’t have to carry it around all night. I had fun encouraging guests to make unique requests for something artistic with their piece, and we had a lot of laughs marveling over the delicious cupcakes that were being passed around, too beautiful to eat (jk - they got eaten).

I wish I had been able to take photos during the event, but it was bananas, and the lettering kept me busy every minute of the event. Suffice to say, people were super excited about their personalized empowering words. GO GIRLS!


Could not get enough of this space…

The colors and vibe so lusciously dark and moody.